About Me

My name is Anthony LaMarca.  I'm the owner of Bedrock Consulting.  I’ve been in the consulting industry since 2004.  I started my career practicing as a licensed Civil Engineer in California working on transportation, land development, and municipal infrastructure projects.  My work ethic led me to be involved in projects like the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara and Red Hawk Casino in El Dorado County.  I translated that experience into construction project management where I built a high performing team from the ground up working for the world's largest real estate company.  I've spent years intimately involved in project management, leadership, business operations, lease administration, and site operations coordination.  I can support your business with complex property management matters, value engineering, constructability reviews, construction project management, development management, and program management.  

I also have a passion for supporting businesses with their career development programs and coaching individuals to discover their passion and achieve peak performance.  I honed these softer skills over the years while building teams.  What I can share does not come out of a text book, but rather through first hand experiences as a manager and leader.  

Whether you need a trusted partner for your real estate needs or a difference maker to help increase employee engagement, I am here to help you get on stable ground and achieve your goals.

Contact me today to see how I can help support your needs